(Free & Cute) October 2021 Calendar

We’re excited to help you stay on top of your game this year with our latest and greatest Cute October 2021 Calendar. October month is here, and it’s a perfect time to revamp your daily routine. October is the 10th month of the year and has 31 days. The Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII, to replace the Julian Calendar, which had been utilized for hundreds of years before it. This change took place because there was 11 minutes difference between a vernal equinox (March) from a timekeeping perspective when compared with an astronomical point of view. In this October 2021 Calendar Cute post, we’ve shared a number of ways that you can use to create your own cognitive neuroscience-inspired routines.

Cute October 2021 Calendar

Cute October Calendar 2021 is a unique and useful tool. The functionalities are designed to make your life easier, providing you with the right tools for managing your time efficiently. It’s available in all major formats, including PDF, Excel, JPG, or PNG, which means that it will work seamlessly on any device – so no matter what type of computer or phone you use to access the internet, this calendar has got you covered! October Calendar 2021 Cute is packed full of information on the holidays 2021.

How to Personalize Calendars

You can easily customize the Cute Calendar October 2021 to suit your needs by using a pen and highlighter. For example, you could highlight important dates or events that are relevant for your personal life (e.g., birthdays of loved ones). Use different colors to mark sections of time where you have been successful in achieving goals such as exercise routines, work deadlines, meetings with clients, etc. The Cute Calendar for October 2021 is an easy way to stay organized when it comes to planning ahead.

Cute October 2021 Calendar

Cute October 2021 Calendar

Print PDF

Floral October 2021 Calendar

Floral October 2021 Calendar

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Best Formats & Patterns for October 2021 Calendar

Formats– This Floral October 2021 Calendar pdf and jpeg format for printing have everything you need in one position so that you don’t have to flip through your phone or computer all the time. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, beautiful schedule planner with ample white space, then this free download will be perfect!

Patterns– The best part about this year’s October 2021 Calendar Floral is that it comes with blank formats to fill in. You can choose the layout you need for your daily routine, fitness goals, or even a project timeline and customize it according to your needs.

October Calendar 2021 Cute

October Calendar 2021 Cute

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Cute Calendar October 2021

Cute Calendar October 2021

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Steps to Print Cute October Calendars

The October 2021 Cute Calendar Prints are available in two formats – landscape and portrait. These prints can be used for a variety of purposes, including home decorating, planning vacations, or even fitness routines. The calendars are designed for students, professionals, homemakers, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone who needs a daily routine to keep them on track! This October 2021 Calendar Printable Cute can be printed on standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper size so it will fit in most printers and binders without any fuss. 

Federal & State Holidays in the United States

The holidays are coming. It’s time to plan our daily routines, fitness goals, and more for this month. To help you keep track, we’ve compiled a cute printable calendar to include all major US holidays for your reference. Check out the list below if you’re interested in more updates on national and international holidays.

Holiday Date / Day
Columbus Day 11 Oct 2021 / Monday
Fraternal Day 11 Oct 2021 / Monday
Yorktown Victory Day 11 Oct 2021 / Monday
Native American Day 11 Oct 2021 / Monday
Native American Day 11 Oct 2021 / Monday
American Indian Heritage Day 11 Oct 2021 / Monday
Navy Birthday 13 Oct 2021 / Wednesday
Alaska Day 18 Oct 2021 / Monday
The Prophet’s Birthday 19 Oct 2021 / Tuesday
Nevada Day  State holiday 29 Oct 2021 / Friday
Halloween 31 Oct 2021 / Sunday

Columbus Day [2021-2030]

Holiday                                 →          Date/Day

Columbus Day 2021          →          11 Oct Monday

Columbus Day 2022          →          10 Oct Monday

Columbus Day 2023          →          09 Oct Monday

Columbus Day 2024          →          14 Oct Monday

Columbus Day 2025          →          13 Oct Monday

Columbus Day 2026          →          12 Oct Monday

Columbus Day 2027          →          11 Oct Monday

Columbus Day 2028          →          09 Oct Monday

Columbus Day 2029          →          08 Oct Monday

Columbus Day 2030          →          14 Oct Monday

Halloween [2021-2030]

Holiday                               →          Date/Day

Halloween 2021               →          31 Oct Sunday

Halloween 2022               →          31 Oct Monday

Halloween 2023               →          31 Oct Tuesday

Halloween 2024               →          31 Oct Thursday

Halloween 2025               →          31 Oct Friday

Halloween 2026               →          31 Oct Saturday

Halloween 2027               →          31 Oct Sunday

Halloween 2028               →          31 Oct Tuesday

Halloween 2029               →          31 Oct Wednesday

Holloween 2030               →          31 Oct Thursday

Moon Phases of this Month

If you are interested in tracking moon phase information throughout the month, check out our monthly Floral October Calendar 2021, with full moons included.

New Moon: The exact date and time of this New Moon phase are on 6 October 2021, Wednesday at 11:05 UTC.

First Quarter: The exact date and time of this First Quarter phase are on 13 October 2021, Wednesday at 03:25 UTC.

Full Moon: The exact date and time of this Full Moon phase are on 20 October 2021, Wednesday at 14:57 UTC.

Last Quarter: The exact date and time of this Last Quarter phase are on 28 October 2021, Wednesday at 20:05 UTC.

Planning of Life Events

You can try out this time allocator to plan your life events? The planner has plenty of space each day so you can write your thoughts down in detail.  

Birthday– To make the Birthday party remarkable there is some special plan such as location and decoration, to invite one’s family and friends, food and drinks, dance arrangements, and photography.

Anniversary– When you plan an Anniversary party for an ebullient and happy couple there are lots of things to organize such as a romantic scenario with lovely decor, couple dance, and song, delicious food, and champagne.

Social Events– Firstly, focus on the goals and objectives of social events and then establish a budget, create a team, choose a peaceful venue and date, plan your program and authentic sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers.

Official Events– First of all, understand the purpose of your event along with a sufficient budget, establish a project timeline its theme with the format, select an appropriate place, and promote your event.

Fun Events– Once you have decided what you’re going to do start with a suitable venue and choose a date and time, arrangements of attractive stalls and other games, kind your audience, program should have fun and engage are main factors.


This post was mainly about the fun and creative ways to decorate your home for October. We hope you have a great time reading these posts with your family or friends! The post was informative and exciting. It gave a lot of information about this month with the Pretty October 2021 Calendar template. Share it today on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram through the social media like button, and start planning out your schedule now!

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