Recommendation Letter Sample Format Template

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If we talk about a writing a letter of recommendation, we understand that it is a document in which the sender evaluates the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of the person who is being recommended regarding that individual’s ability to perform a particular task. It typically related to job reference, admission to institutions of higher education, or scholarship eligibility. Recommendation letter for promotion is usually a specific request to be written about someone and therefore mentioned to a particular requester such as a new employer or university admissions, etc. although they may also issue to the person being recommended without specifying an addressee.

Recommendation Letter Sample

Recommendation letter for an employee may also require of companies seeking winning contracts, particularly in the fields of engineering, consultancy, industry and construction, and about public procurement and tenders. Letter of recommendation example for organizations is used to assess its ability to deliver the required level of service.

There are different types of such are listed below:

  • Recommendation letter for student: This is used to recommend a student for a school or college. In this letter, sender describes the intelligence of the student. He can collate his abilities in it.
  • Recommendation letter for promotion: This letter is used to recommend an employee for the development because of his extraordinary performance. In this type of message, the sender has to elaborate the extra efforts of that employee. Recommendation letter for a friend: In this type of letter you can introduce your friend to a company or an organization. In this, you can explain the character of your friend and also elaborates his abilities. It gives an impression to the receiver that you know him personally.

recommendation letter sample

Recommendation Letter

Recommendation letter of job

Recommendation Letter Format

  • Recommendation letter for scholarship: This type of letter written by the parents or any other person who personally knows the financial condition of that particular person.
  • Letter of recommendation for college: By this, someone can recommend a college to someone for a college. In this type of broadcast, a person describes features of that particular college.

recommendation letter format

Recommendatiuon Letter for Students

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