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Welcome to our site here we provide you different types of formats and also various information about these formats. These templates help you in multiple aspects, here with the help of this post we bring you Free Invoice Template. It can help you to make your design of the invoice format. Here we also provide you the information on the content of this template.

  • Invoice Number: On every Invoice Templates Microsoft Word you can find it easily. It helps the seller as well as the buyer to match it. In case of someone lost his invoice he can regenerate it with the help of invoice number. You can say it the serial number of the invoice.

Free Invoice Template

  • Company Name and Address: it is an essential content of the Invoice Template Free. With the help of it, your seller can e, easily understand where he purchased the respective product.
  • Contact Number: It is necessary to provide it on the Invoice Template Docx that helps the buyer to get the information of the contact number of the seller. With the help of it, one can easily contact the seller and ask his quarries.
  • Date: it is one of the essential components of the Blank Invoice Template. It helps both the seller and the receiver to remember the transaction date. Its alignment depends on the choice of the seller that how he wants to design his invoice.
  • Customer’s information: Name, address contact number is essential to mention on the Free Printable Invoice Template. It helps the seller to remember that to whom he sells the product. It also helps them in paying tax, as with the help of it they can know the GST number of that company.

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Free Printable Invoice Template



Service Invoice Template

Invoice Templates for Word

  • Description of the product: This content of the Invoice Template Excel consists various information about the goods that are being sold. Name or design number of the product, the quantity of the product, price per pair, pack, cartoon, etc. depends on the nature of the product, discount on the product if applicable. Mentioning this information in the Invoice Templates for Word helps both the seller and the buyer in calculating the actual value that the buyer has to pay to the seller.
  • Net Amount in Words: The presence of the net amount (in words) on the Basic Invoice Template is necessary. It helps both to remove misunderstanding and confusion. Many times it happens that both of them confused that how much amount is it. It is not an easy task to calculate all the things again hence to avoid these type of situation it is necessary to write the net amount on the Simple Invoice Template Excel.
  • Authorized Signatory and seal: The presence of signature of the authorized person of the seller’s company and seal on the Service Invoice Template is the most important. Without it the invoice has no value becomes void in the eyes of the law.

Blank Invoice Template


Basic Invoice Template


With the help of this post, we are trying to aware of the essential components of the Invoice Templates Pdf. We also provide you different templates of the bill in various formats as well as design. Don’t hesitate to share this Invoice Templates Free Download with your friend so that they can also use it for free. We request you give your valuable feedback to help us in improving our work.